MSHF Organisation History

The congregation is distinguished in three ways:

1.It is a member of the Maronite Church of Antioch
2.It is open to all Churches on the Spirit of Universality
3.Its service is for the honour of the Body of Jesus

The spirituality of the Congregation is taken from the spirituality of the Holy Family of Nazareth, Jesus, Joseph and Mary.
–   Through the spirituality of the Incarnate Son, to do all things for, with and near Jesus.
–   Through the spirituality of Joseph, to follow in obedience, faith, and silent work.
–   Through the spirituality of Mary, to fully listen to the word of God and undertake all that God calls us to.


Today the congregation is serving people of God in 3 Countries; Lebanon, Syria and Australia, caring for their spiritual and physical needs regardless of race, creed, gender or nationality.

The Maronite Sisters of the Holy Family has been in Australia since September 1968.  The Mission within Australia has reflected goals already established in Lebanon, serving God and his Churches in responding to the needs of the Maronite people within a society, especially within the fields of education and elderly care.

The Mission of the MSHF is to achieve perfection through fidelity to religious values. The education of the poor; the spreading of the Gospel message and values; the caring of the sick elderly and orphaned.


( Organisation )
The congregation of the Maronite Sisters of the Holy Family Village was founded by His Beatitude, the Late Maronite Patriarch Elias Hoyek, a Lebanese priest in 1895.  The Patriarch was born at “Helta” of Batroun’s district in Lebanon.  He was “the man of the Divine Providence”. He spent his life thinking of the welfare of his Maronite Church and of his Country.  For he thought that the best way to have a healthy community was to have healthy mothers.  At that time the country was in need of an order of nuns to help the new generation to have good families so he started to establish a religious order as the best method to serve his purpose.In 1895 the project passed from ideals to reality.  The Founder bought a new place at Ebrine in the District of Batroum.  This new place became the official residence of the new order.
All of the Sisters of the Holy Family tried to follow their founder by giving themselves up to the divine providence.  This small mustard seed grew up and became a very big tree, like the Cedar, stretching its branches everywhere in Lebanon, Syria and Australia.

The Patriarch’s purpose in establishing the congregation was to address the following needs:
–   To raise and educate school children according to the times and needs of the Country
–   To respond to the call to show mercy to those in hospitals, orphanages, nursing homes and clinics.
–   To serve all of humanity and to preach the Christian faith, spread the Food News, partake in missionary activities and work with the local parishes alongside the priests.