Maintain an optimum standard of nursing care and high quality of our service as our residents are the sole purpose for our existence. Their care is the responsibility of every employee.

Acknowledge and uphold the dignity of each resident. To this end, our health care must be given with compassion, care love and encouragement with every consideration for privacy and comfort. Residents can then live as happy and independent individuals with pride, freedom and contentment.

Respect and protect our residents’ rights and ensure that their spiritual, physical and emotional needs are met enabling them to live in peace without pain.

Offer comfortable, Secure, pleasant, clean, well-aired and bright surroundings and create an atmosphere of homeliness.

Notify our residents about their right to exercise freedom of choice, to make their own decisions about the personal aspect of the daily life, financial affairs and possessions.

Individuality of our residents is emphasized and respected both in the preparation of care planning and in the way that the staff perform their duties.

Try to develop confidence, Self-esteem and competence for self-improvement. This can only be achieved with the full co-operation and support from relatives, friends, management and staff.

Endure and foster  our staff in  the pursuit of excellence in aged care.