–   To facilitate each resident to achieve the highest quality of life possible, by providing exemplary nursing care and give relief from loss of physical health, social contact, independence            
and mental stability.
–   To establish and maintain approved facilities for the care, treatment and rehabilitation of sick and elderly persons, by molding and maintaining harmonious relationships with medical and
all other staff members and collaborating with them in giving total care to the residents.
–   To efficiently and effectively provide quality service and to share our goals with all who are devoted to advancing their knowledge in the sphere of aged care.
–   To conduct the village affairs with integrity and honesty rendering service at the highest possible level.
–   To promote and encourage the residents “freedom of choice in their daily living and to be respected as the individuals that they are”.
–   To encourage the residents to maintain their friendships, manage their own financial affairs and maintain their obligations as citizens.  We encourage the residents to practice their
religious and cultural customs and offer assistance to come and go to retain their social independence.
–   To integrate and coordinate services as far as possible with other agencies, individuals and institutions involve in the delivery health service in the local community within the region.