Max. refundable deposit $400,000.00 or Max. daily payments of $91.39.

Room name Premium
Room type Single Room + Private Ensuite
Maximum occupancy 1
Maximum price for room The maximum price that you can be charged for this room is a refundable deposit of $400,000.00 or daily payments of $91.39 or a combination of both.
Explanation of payment options A Refundable Accommodation Deposit is a lump sum Payment, the Balance of which is refunded when you leave.
A Daily Accommodation Payment is a rental style payment paid monthly in advance, not refundable.
A Combination of two.
Example of a combination payment for this room a resident could pay 50% of the price by a refundable deposit of $200,000.00 and 50% of the price by daily payment of $45.69.
Example of a combination payment for room For this room a resident could pay, for example, 50% of the price by a refundable deposit of $200,000.00 and 50% of the price by daily payments of $45.69.
Room description The Maronite Sisters of the Holy Family Village is a modern building consist of 47 beds with two level built in September 2007.
All rooms are of the highest quality and condition.
Each individual room enjoys abundant natural light a large window open to a beautiful garden.
Rooms are spacious with classical soft furnishing with quality linen and bed spreads enhance the soft colors of the room.
All beds in the village are high/low electric bed with specialised comfort Mattresses.
Each room is supplied with:
* Ensuite includes an accessible shower, toilet and vanity, with storage and large mirror.
* Comfortable chairs for residents and visitors.
* A flat mounted TV with MY SET channels.
* A reverse cycle air-conditioning unit individually controlled.
* A large built-in wardrobe with a combination of hanging space, shelves and storage matching with bedside lockers and over bed tables.
* Internet and Telephone connection are available on request.
* The latest Nurse-call paging system.
* An emergency Nurse-Call Red button.
* Qualified staff on duty 24 hours a day.
Residents are welcome to bring their own special items of furniture to increase storage options.
Room size (for example, square meters) excluding ensuite The rooms have an average size of 21.5square meter
Common areas Residents living in The Maronite sisters Of The Holy Family village have access to a range of different communal spaces, these includes:
* Large, bright and conditioned common lounge and dining areas with pleasant outlooks together with a big quieter sitting area. Residents can enjoy the spacious lounge/Dining room.
* Large courtyard Barbecue area is great spot to socialise.
* Beautiful landscape gardens with undercover seating.
* Smoking area Available.
* Each level has a server and kitchenette.
* Large electric pergolas Balcony.
*Car parking facilities for residents/visitors.
*Hairdressing salon located within the village.
* Private chapel is open to all residents and families.
* Visitors area equipped with sink and tea/coffee.
* Two lifts access available fully secured.
*Large screen HD TV with MY SET channels.
* Digital Broadcasting System
* Advanced sound system.
* Piano
The condition of the common areas (walls, doors, ceiling, widows, floors and fittings)is excellent and undergoes regular maintenance to keep it looking fresh, clean and safe for residents to enjoy.
Special accommodation or design features of the room or home Rooms are designed for comfort with appropriate personal storage and furniture that is designed for aged care needs.
All bathrooms are specially designed for residents requiring a higher to low level of care and support with non-slip floors, a vanity, showers chairs, and adjustable hand held shower heads, and vital call buttons and assistant call for quicker support.
Beautiful large garden with outlook area including chairs and umbrellas .
Close to the train station, bus stop and variety of shops.
Additional care or services included in the room price The Maronite Sisters Village offers a range of service at no additional cost ,they includes:- Medical/Nursing services:
* Doctor of choice visit regularly.
* Dental/Hearing/Vision yearly visit and upon request.
* 24 hour professional Multi-lingual staff.-Allied Health services:
* Physiotherapist available weekly and physio-Aid daily.
* Dietician: All meals are dietician approved cooked fresh onsite. Culturally/diverse meals provided.
* Podiatrist available every six weeks and as needed.
* Diversional therapist available 4 days a week.

– Recreational activities:
* Recreational activities officer available 7 days a week.
* Spiritual and emotional support including clergy from different denominations: Maronite , Greek & Coptic orthodox, Anglican, Melkite, Roman Latin, etc…Visit regularly and as needed, plus Daily Mass provided.
* Celebration of special events, national days, birthdays, such as : Nurses day, Pizza day, Argyle day, Fathers day, mothers day, Melbourne cup, Christmas day .
* Multicultural activities: concerts, dancing, movies’
* Outing such as club , bus , invitations and shopping.
* Community, schools, parishes and welfare association visit.

Optional additional care or services not included in the room price, charged at extra cost The Maronite Sisters Village offers a range of optional service which may be charged to the resident includes:* Individual newspaper delivery is optional and charged monthly by the village.* Residents have access to a telephone located within each room, billed monthly by the nominated telephone supplier.

* Pay phone is available for residents/ relatives if needed.

* Mobile X-Ray attends the village when needed.

* Hairdressing is onsite and billed to the resident by the village.

* Nursing escort services such as: External appointments, shopping are offered to the residents and billed by the village monthly.

* Dental, speech therapy, dietician and extra or extended physiotherapy can attract extra nominal cost.

And any other services requested by the resident that is not covered by the Quality of care principles.

For a full list of optional services, please contact us.

Is this room offered on an extra service basis? No

Last updated on 01/04/2024